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Fake Patek Philippe Calatrava
The Calatrava is the first watch that comes up in the minds of most watch enthusiasts when talking about dress replica watches online uk. Currently, Patek Philippe has a varied collection of Calatrava models, but it’s the 5227 that represents everything you could ever want from a dress watch. Its style dates back to the first 1:1 fake Patek Philippe Calatrava models from the 1930s while remaining incredibly relevant in today’s world. Patek offers the 5227 in three different versions that all feature a 39mm case measuring 9.24mm thick. The yellow gold and rose gold versions both come with an ivory lacquered dial and the white gold version features a black dial. The 5227 houses the brand’s self-winding caliber 324 S C with a date function and a central sweeping seconds hand. The luxury replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 is available for €38,200.

Replica Rolex Day-Date
While the perfect fake Rolex Day-Date might not be a dress watch in the eyes of some purists, it definitely does belong on this list. The Day-Date has the grandeur to fit every formal situation perfectly and, some would argue, most informal situations too. What I adore about the high quality replica Rolex Day-Date is that, along with the Datejust, its design is the least affected by the updates that took place ever since its introduction in 1956. If you compare the first Day-Date ref. 6511 and the current ref. 128238, you see pretty much exactly the same watch. Sure, the markers and hands have been updated in style, but you are looking at two watches that are indisputably similar.

Currently, Swiss made replica Rolex offers the Day-Date in 36mm and 40mm in different materials and configurations. My personal favorite is always going to be a 36mm in yellow gold as it has enough presence without being too present. Get it with a white dial and gold stick markers as it was introduced earlier this year, and you will have a stunner of a copy dress watch for €32,400.

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