Just A List Of The Most Eye-wateringly Expensive UK AAA Perfect Replica Watches Ever Made

You don’t have to be a platinum-selling rap artist or a freshly-minted tech billionaire to be interested in what the most expensive Swiss made replica watches of all time are. Regardless of the figure on your bank balance, we’ve all dreamed about owning our dream high quality fake watches – and wondered just how much you could actually drop on one if money was no object.

Replica Patek Philippe Grand Master Chime Ref 6300/403G Watches – £3.78m

If the standard Grandmaster Chime (like Jay-Z’s) doesn’t quite make enough of a statement, maybe this jazzed-up version of 1:1 online fake Patek Philippe’s most complicated wristwatches will do the trick? In addition to the 20 separate functions – which include an audible date striker, perpetual calendar, dual time zones, moon phase display and leap year indicator – this upgrade of the dual-faced marvel is enhanced with 118 emeralds and 291 diamonds.

Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Grande Complication White Ceramic Watches– $725,000

Released ‘under the radar’ back in the spring as a one-off ‘piece unique’, it’s very likely to have been sold. But, since luxury Audemars Piguet replica watches is still showing it on its website at time of writing, we think it’s fair game to include here as a watch you can actually buy if you’re looking for something to do with that vast wad of cash. As the name suggests, the cheap UK copy watches features a 44mm case made from white ceramic and is powered by the Calibre 2885 movement with minute repeater, perpetual calendar, split seconds chronograph and week indicator. Oh – tells the time, too.

Hublot Big Bang Full Blue Sapphire Replica Watches– £454,000

Back in 2021 Hublot introduced its first top wholesale replica Hublot Big Bang watches made entirely from sapphire. That ‘clear’ version was followed last year by a purple one and now by this ‘true blue’ version. The sapphire is ‘grown’ in best Hublot super clone watches’ own labs over several months before being machined into shape. The fact that the crystal is both time consuming to create and difficult to work with accounts both for the eye-watering price – and the fact that just 10 Full Blue Sapphires will be made.

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