The New Best Quality IWC Portugieser Replica Watches UK Could Change The Perpetual Calendar Game Forever

“To make something that is completely unnecessary but gives us joy satisfies a very important human need,” says IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr at the brand’s HQ in Schaffhausen as our conversation turns to the grand new – and maddeningly complicated – perfect replica IWC Portugieser Eternal Calendar watches. “Because if we just made the functional, the bland and the useful, the world would be a hell of a boring place.”

If you’re looking for reasons why IWC and Grainger-Herr deem it important to create UK top fake watches that will hold its accuracy for 45 million years, try this: “There’s this human trait of needing to push the boundary to find the imperfections, the character and emotion that we don’t find in apps [on our phones],” he adds. It’s also a product of the engineer in us all: “getting excited about stuff that nobody else cares about and continuously looking to better something, then overshooting like mad because in the greatest moments of need people still want to dream.”

Put like that, the IWC Portugieser Eternal Calendar 44mm begins to make more sense. The demand for perpetual calendars and moonphase replica watches for sale has rarely been higher – this is taking things up a notch. It’s the first secular IWC perpetual calendar, which as well as being able to recognise how long each month is and adding a leap day every four years, can also cleverly navigate the Gregorian calendar’s complex leap-year exception rules thanks to a new 400-years gear in the movement. But it’s the new reduction gear that’s the real game-changer as it means in the next 45 million years the double moonphase display will (somehow) only deviate from the moon’s orbit by a single day.

The best news here is the model chosen to display these mad new features on. After a few years where the brand’s focus has been on models like its Pilot’s Top Gun and Ingenieur, it’s apt to see the Portugieser in the limelight this year with 17 new pieces in a range of new colours including Dune (beige), Horizon Blue (sky blue), Obsidian (black) and Silver Moon (grey). First made in 1939, the Portugieser is by far the most iconic and classic, but also accessible, model in high quality IWC copy watches‘ locker. It’s also very popular with the likes of Chris Evans, Kieran Culkin and James Marsden.

“When balancing out continuity as a brand with innovation and invention, the Portugieser is a beautiful way to bring things back to who we are at the core,” says Grainger-Herr. “It makes something very complicated [like the Eternal Calendar] feel quite simple. There’s a complete lineage that is absolutely stable in terms of its core design expression – it sits right in the middle between very classical and very sporty watches. It has a modernity and a legibility to it but also there’s the refinements and the full range of functions.”

Among the other cheap replica IWC Portugieser watches to launch at Watches and Wonders, there’s four new perpetual calendars in 44mm. Two with gold cases come in either an Obsidian or Silver Moon dial while two white gold pieces come in Dune and Horizon Blue, and there’s also a unique Day and Night hand-wound tourbillon on a black dial. At the other end of the pricing spectrum, there are four slimmer stainless steel Portugieser Automatic 42mm pieces, two gold versions in both 42mm and 40mm and three new Portugieser Chronograph.

“When you think about a Portugieser chronograph or a Portugieser Automatic 40, they are often the first and only watch purchases [someone makes] and you’re basically getting all of the IWC DNA,” says Grainger-Herr. “On the other hand, you have people who clearly are not buying their first luxury fake watches, who are looking for really a complicated showpiece like a Tourbillon Day and Night or a Perpetual Calendar with additional storytelling and emotional value.” With prices ranging from CHF 8,000 to CHF 150,000, it’s symptomatic of the AAA 2024 super clone IWC Portugieser watches’ wide appeal. And thanks to the mind-boggling Eternal Calendar, that remit has become broader still.

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