Vintage Horological Icons Under €10K — Swiss Cheap Replica Patek Philippe And Omega Watches UK

When people start getting into the rabbit hole of watch collecting, sooner or later, vintage watches will come up. Yes, vintage AAA Swiss made replica watches are no secret anymore like they were perhaps a decade ago. Many horological icons — particularly from a well-known brand with a crown as its logo — have increased to astronomical prices. While there is certainly still value in the vintage department when speaking of luxury Rolex fake watches (four- or five-digit-reference Datejusts come to mind), I will avoid this category of timepieces in this article altogether. Instead, we will speak of the sleepers that you can purchase for prices I would still consider a steal in today’s collector’s climate. These are three vintage horological icons that you can still find for less than €10K today!

Replica Omega Seamaster ref. 165.011 Watches in stainless steel — €700–1500

The first timepiece we will be looking at is the top fake Omega Seamaster ref. 165.011 watches. It’s definitely no secret that vintage Omega Seamasters are the kings when it comes to great value for money from a renowned brand. I picked the 165.011 because this model epitomizes what makes these Omegas such great all-around watches by today’s and yesteryear’s standards. It’s one of those best copy watches that, no matter how much time passes, will always be proportionally brilliant, endlessly versatile, and great at accommodating all kinds of strap colors and styles. I’ve chosen stainless steel for versatility and longevity as gold plating can begin to fade as decades go by.

While Chrono24 has plenty of vintage high quality Omega Seamaster replica watches, I would urge you to check your local online market as well. There are plenty of private sellers that are trying to move theirs, and finding one in good condition or with an evenly distributed patina won’t be too hard. Pro tip: don’t worry if the crystal looks scratched to death or if the strap looks like it’s hosting a city of bacteria. Restoring the Plexi crystal is simple with some Polywatch, and if it has cracks, you can replace it for a negligible amount of money.

You can find fantastic leather straps from a plethora of brands, including those on offer at the Fratello Shop. Fixing these two aesthetic issues will make for a night-and-day change for your Swiss movements super clone watches. I’d prefer not to have the case polished as I find the scratches to be part of the story. Either way, you can have your watchmaker give it a polish if you want it to look fresh. I would just suggest going lightly, though, so that the case can stay sharp and true to its original design.

Fake Patek Philippe Pocket Watches “Chronometro Gondolo & Labouriau”

The last timepiece we will be unpacking is wholesale replica Patek Philippe pocket watches made for Chronometro Gondolo & Labouriau in pink gold. Looking at the first half of the 20th century will yield plenty of these fascinating pocket fake watches for sale made for the prominent Rio De Janeiro-based retailer.

Again, like the last entry, this is no wristwatch. This is a pocket watch by none other than arguably the most renowned and venerable watchmaker in the entire industry. I mentioned how the value of a vintage Omega Seamaster was definitely no secret. I would, however, consider Patek Philippe pocket replica watches site hidden gems in the value department of horology because solid gold examples of these are available for as little as CHF 5,000. At the time of writing this, I can find examples with Tiffany signatures, Breguet numerals, or Roman numerals for between 4,000 and 5,000 francs.

This Gondolo & Labouriau pocket watch, made in 1904 and sold in 1905, is one of the most common models you’ll find online. It was this line of pocket replica watches shop that helped establish Gondolo & Labouriau as the #1 Patek Philippe retailer in the world for decades, with Tiffany & Co. taking a humble #2 position. For reference, this is roughly a third of what a contemporary Rolex Submariner in steel costs on the secondary market, for no less than a beautiful solid gold Patek Philippe timepiece.

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