The UK Replica Watches Tom Cruise Wore In The Series Movies “Mission Impossible”

To our surprise, the watch he wore most frequently in the “Mission Impossible” series was Casio, which appeared in the first three seasons. The model appeared in the first season was Casio DW290-1V, which was really accurate and the waterproofness was very necessary. The one appeared later was also from Casio. It was G-Shock DW6900-1V which was water resistant to a depth of 200 meters.

The G-Shock looks cool on Tom Cruise's wrist.
Accurate Casio G-Shock Replica Watch

The watch he wore in “Mission Impossible 3” was Casio G-Shock MTG-910D. Compared to the former two, this Casio copy watch with black case was much smaller but more exquisite. The all-black design made this timepiece very cool from the interior to exterior.

The Tudor Heritage exudes a distinctive temperament in old time.
Tudor Heritage Fake With Steel Case

When it came to the fourth season, Tom Cruise wore the Tudor Heritage fake with black dial which was inspired by the chronograph created in 1970s. The case, bezel and bracelet sport a distinctive look of retro style. In “Mission Impossible 5” he wore a Tissot which was technological. The one he wore recently was the Cartier which features a silver dial and black leather strap, making Tom Cruise more elegant.

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