Thomas’s 2024 New Year’s Top UK Fake Watches Resolutions: A Decisive Year In Any Case

I jot down my 2024 horological resolutions, I hope you’re not tired of this theme yet. I can only promise that my plans differ quite a bit from those of my colleagues, so this article should be a bit different. Not least of all, this is because there is major uncertainty in my near future.

As you have surely read before, I am in the middle of starting a watch company. After more than a year of development, 2024 will see me launch my debut replica watches for sale. Naturally, this will affect my watch-collecting hobby, whatever the outcome. If you are tired of the VPC-related talk, you’d better skip this article; I cannot possibly look ahead to 2024 without getting into it here. If you’re still up for it, let’s dive into it together!

On the 2024 wish list: Replica Cartier Santos Galbée XL Watches

One watch that lives in a different realm from my own is the UK best fake Cartier Santos Galbée XL ref. 2823 watches. It is my preferred version of an iconic, historic design. This is the exact reference that my colleague Daan rocks. Fascinatingly, he almost single-handedly popularized this reference on Instagram. Some people now even refer to it as “the Daan watch.”

Although you might argue, as Daan did, that this is also a GADA watch, it wouldn’t serve that purpose for me. To me, it is a landmark design. I love the signature Cartier dial layout, one of the few on which I appreciate Roman numerals. The case and bracelet teleport me to early 20th-century Paris. I also love the size and stance on my 17cm wrist.

I came close to buying one in 2023. It was either the Cartier or the Panerai copy watches online. It remains on my wish list for 2024. I am quite sure that I will purchase one at some point, and if not this year, then sometime soon after.

On the 2024 wish list: Fake IWC Big Pilot’s Watches 43

Adding a Radiomir to my collection has been an eye-opening experience. I figured it would be a bit of a gimmick outlier in my collection. I was almost sure it would be a watch that I would only wear occasionally when my mood, outfit, and plans for the day were just right. Boy, was I wrong! I wear it all the time. It showed me that I can easily wear more extreme perfect replica watches. And that activated a latent desire for something else — something from IWC.

I have always admired luxury fake IWC’s (Big) Pilot’s Watches. I don’t particularly like the way the 46mm models sit on my wrist, though. A Mark XVIII had been on my wish list for some time but never quite at the top, taking concrete priority. But then I had the chance to spend time with three of the four sizes of current IWC Pilot’s Watches. As you can read here, I fell for the Big Pilot 43.

I will never develop historic Flieger-style super clone watches with Swiss movements under VPC, so there is space in my mind and watch box for an IWC. The Big Pilot 43 might just be the one for me.

On the fence for 2024: Rolex Submariner ref. 14060 Replica Watches

My final entry is one of my favorite AAA replica watches of all time, the Rolex Submariner 14060(M). To me, this is the best generation of Submariners to wear daily. I love the modest, subdued aesthetic paired with reliability and a rugged build. It is quite similar to my Explorer II in that sense, which is my most-worn watch.

Weirdly, I have never owned what is one of my all-time favorite cheap Swiss Rolex replica watches. When I was in the position to buy one, they had broken the €10K mark, which I wasn’t willing to pay. I had already said goodbye to the idea of ever owning one, but now that they have come back down somewhat, it is very tempting. I know many will find this a boring choice, but I just feel this watch is close to perfection.

I am on the fence, though. I plan on developing a VPC diver next. Although it will not look like a Submariner at all, it will be a subdued, simple dive watch at a similar scale. In that sense, it will be a direct competitor for the same wrist time as a 14060. And I just know that I will reach for my design over a competitor when it comes down to it. This, then, is on the “maybe” list.

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