Two Kinds Of UK Ultra-Thin Replica Watches For You

  1. Exquisite Rado Hyperchrome Replica Watches

The watches are in ultra-thin Silicon nitride ceramic cases which have strong hardness while the weight is only half of the same volume of high-tech ceramic material. With titanium materials and anode alumina movements, the weight is greatly decreased. It is only 56 grams. The deep grey dials Rado copy watches do not adapt time scales which present the fashionable and neutral ascetics.

  1. Swiss Zenith El Primero Lightweight Fake Watches With Black Crocodile Straps

From the movements of watches, main board of movement and five splint are in titanium. Double gear is also made of silicon with Silicon escapement fork and escapement gear. The usage of this material is not only light weight, but also it can ensure the exquisite performance. The weight of movement is only 15.45 grams.

In all, from two kinds of watches, we can know that the application of high-technology materials are quite important. For ladies, it seems like ultra-thin fake watches with self-winding movements are more suitable. So the market of ultra-thin watches is quite big in the future.

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